Thursday, January 26, 2012

Brain Storming

This post will be dedicated to brainstorming and collecting ideas for my blog.  As mentioned, the primary focus will be on rehearsing a small ensemble, such as a brass quintet or trio.  So without further adieu, I will list the topics I have come up with so far to discuss in my blog.

The first posts will be dedicated to very basic ideas that seem like common knowledge, however, if anyone is like me, these are always the first things I forget to do when preparing or rehearsing.  These ideas will include, but not be limited to, finding scores, getting multiple recordings, using a metronome, singing and recording yourself.

In some posts, I plan to introduce products I have found to enhance practicing, such as a speaker for your metronome or a cheap recording device.

Finally, I will get to different rehearsal techniques I have been used or taught throughout my years in small ensembles.  This will include different ways to use your metronome, rehearsing different sections together, seating placements and altering rhythms.  In addition, I will hopefully dedicate a couple posts to rehearsals I will be taking part in this semester.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


This is a new blog created for my participation in Advanced Brass Ensemble Literature.  The focus of this blog will be to discuss different techniques and products that are useful in a small ensemble rehearsal setting.  Through this blog, I hope to inform people and also receive new information from colleagues I haven't thought of.