Monday, April 16, 2012

Putting Everything to Practice

Like any college student, I have become a master of procrastination and it is now biting me in the rear end.  I am less than two weeks out from my recital and one of my pieces is far from being prepared.  I am planning on performing David Gillingham's Diversive Elements for tuba, euphonium and piano. 

Today, I will rehearse with my colleague, Mr. Ben Reid and will employ all of the tactics we have covered in here and then some.  First, I have planned out a rehearsal objective.  We will run the first, third and fourth movements.  Following this, I have picked out two spots in each movement we will rehearse again if they do not line up.  Following this, we will dissect the second movement, breaking it down into small manageable sections and work through each one, followed by a run through.  After that, we are going to rehearse the opening of the fifth movement under tempo.

I have packed with me my iPod, which has a recording of the piece, my metronome, my USB speaker and a score.  By doing this, I believe we will cut our rehearsal needs in half and should be performance ready by Friday, when we will begin our rehearsals with accompanist.

I will report back after our rehearsal and comment on what worked, what didn't work and maybe I could get some suggestions on other things to try!  Happy blogging, everyone!  Remember, we only have one more week before the talented, charming, suave Professor Manning grades our blogs.

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